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What does pass the bucket mean?

October 2, 2009

Someone found my site after they searched this question. Well here is my definition: you say ‘pass the bucket’ when you want to be sick, vomit, throw up etc. and it’s usually used when you see something disgusting or overly sentimental not when you actually want to be sick because generally you wouldn’t ask for the bucket, you’d just run out to the loo. I use it as my blog title because it’s a play on my surname, Bucket, which is not pronounced ‘bouquet’ like the daft woman in the sit-com but is actually pronounced as bucket, although sometimes I use Buck as a surname instead of Bucket but that’s another story because then it would be ‘pass the buck’ which is a totally different phrase altogether.

When I was thinking about what I’d be wittering on about in this blog, I had the idea that I’d be complaining about all the crap American pap on the telly or all the lovey-doveyness of the people around me, both of which want me to say pass the bloody bucket. So far I haven’t mentioned any of that but give me a chance and I’ll make you forget the rest (was that the lyrics from Fame?).



September 21, 2009

Couldn’t sleep last night so slept this afternoon then felt grotty when I woke up. Eyes caked up and sore from so much crying lately. Why do I make life so hard for myself? Every time I think it’s going to get better (or at least that it couldn’t possibly get much worse) off it goes into another downward spiral.

On A Quest

September 19, 2009

I can’t sleep in, got too many things buzzing around in my head. But I can’t get up while the rest of the household is still in bed or I’ll get shouted at. So apart from creeping to the loo (because I was dreaming about searching for a toilet and every time I found one there was something wrong so I couldn’t go) I’m stuck. I feel grotty but not so bad that I just want to lie here groaning. So I pulled the laptop towards me from where I left it last night after signing out of my twitter and facebook and thought, right what mayhem shall I produce today?

All Alone

September 16, 2009

Nobody is reading my blog *sobs*. The technology of showing stats on the dashboard is sheer cruelty for those of us who have NO FRIENDS. I preferred it when you didn’t know how many people were looking and you could just fantasise that everyone was. Although the flip side of that is the nightmare paranoia of being convinced that I had a cloud bubble over my head showing all my thoughts. Not good. Especially not during PE.

Where is the Fredster? I think he must have been grounded and had his laptop locked in the cupboard again. Auntie J said she’d read it but if the stats say zero does that mean she’s lying?

Anyhoo I am still here, blogging away, with the thought that at some point someone will find this site and wonder whether I’m still alive. I might have more chance of someone the other side of the world caring about me than the people I live with.

Hello Cruel World

September 14, 2009

 I couldn’t afford the beautiful Meez rainbow sneakers so I’m going barefoot. This is my first post so I used the default title. Changed it slightly to befit my current emo state. Plus that is the title of a book given to me by my lovely Auntie J who is fab but I do wonder about her sometimes. For instance why does she think that I might commit suicide? I wouldn’t be that nice to people. No, they have to suffer by having me around.

So if you want to know more then click on the About Me page. And I will be adding some fascinating FAQs as well.

The big thing you have to know about me is this thing we have in Britain called IRONY. Like that mention of suicide above. It is laughing, okay? Nobody has to run around going all bananas because I’ve used the S word. I am safe at home in a little room and not on the streets and when I was on the streets it was all a big mistake and didn’t last very long anyway so I don’t know what all the fuss was about.

Here I am telling the cruel world my innermost thoughts and you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about so I will shut up and just say hello cruel world again. And now goodbye.