What does pass the bucket mean?

Someone found my site after they searched this question. Well here is my definition: you say ‘pass the bucket’ when you want to be sick, vomit, throw up etc. and it’s usually used when you see something disgusting or overly sentimental not when you actually want to be sick because generally you wouldn’t ask for the bucket, you’d just run out to the loo. I use it as my blog title because it’s a play on my surname, Bucket, which is not pronounced ‘bouquet’ like the daft woman in the sit-com but is actually pronounced as bucket, although sometimes I use Buck as a surname instead of Bucket but that’s another story because then it would be ‘pass the buck’ which is a totally different phrase altogether.

When I was thinking about what I’d be wittering on about in this blog, I had the idea that I’d be complaining about all the crap American pap on the telly or all the lovey-doveyness of the people around me, both of which want me to say pass the bloody bucket. So far I haven’t mentioned any of that but give me a chance and I’ll make you forget the rest (was that the lyrics from Fame?).


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