All Alone

Nobody is reading my blog *sobs*. The technology of showing stats on the dashboard is sheer cruelty for those of us who have NO FRIENDS. I preferred it when you didn’t know how many people were looking and you could just fantasise that everyone was. Although the flip side of that is the nightmare paranoia of being convinced that I had a cloud bubble over my head showing all my thoughts. Not good. Especially not during PE.

Where is the Fredster? I think he must have been grounded and had his laptop locked in the cupboard again. Auntie J said she’d read it but if the stats say zero does that mean she’s lying?

Anyhoo I am still here, blogging away, with the thought that at some point someone will find this site and wonder whether I’m still alive. I might have more chance of someone the other side of the world caring about me than the people I live with.


3 Responses to “All Alone”

  1. Auntie J Says:

    Not lying darling. I was using your computer and the stats don’t register because it thought that I was you.

  2. esmeraldabucket Says:

    You were using my laptop? YOU WERE USING MY LAPTOP?? When was this please? Omibloodygod! What else did you see? *hyperventilates*

  3. Auntie J Says:

    Relax dear girl! It was in café Nero and you’d popped to the loo. Literally I read the blog because it was already on your screen and did not touch anything else. I understand about your privacy.

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